The Best Sous Vide Cooker Reviews Show How You Can Cook With Your Voice-

Sous vide cookers use pre-heated water to cook food items, sealed in air-tight pouches. The temperature and time can be set by the user, and the cooking process starts as and when the user gives the prompt. The prompt can be given in multiple ways – pushing a button on the device, switching on a supply or tapping on a remote access app. Even these great sous vide machines may overlook any shortcomings of this product for the one single facility it offers, cooking in response to voice commands.

The voice app comes with the cooker, which is very compact and sleek, just like a portable speaker. The cooker is made of very high quality water resistant metal with extra thermal proofing for the safety of the application software and hardware. The app needs to be activated and the voice of the user registered. Once the cooker recognizes the voice, the user can give voice commands to set the temperature, start cooking, pause in between or stop the process.

The cooker is also equipped with a visual chart integrated to its LED display which lets you to visually monitor the progress of cooking. This review doesn’t repeat the other regular parameters which are more or less matching with standard sous vide cookers.


Though this is a very smart innovation for the deserving class, there are chances that the voice recognition software becomes extra sensitive to voice fluctuations like sound wave interference, voice change due to illness or distance. Bear in mind, heating water may take more time because of the extra sophistication.

The verdict

This cooker will be a gift to the millions of multi-tasking women who run around the house managing every other thing while being busy with their most important task of preparing delicious and healthy food for the family.

Brilliant cat furniture for fat cats – Cat trees!

Cats normally have a tendency to jump over, across the shelves, ceilings and also on the book racks. They love climbing on the roof tops too. Their size and weight doesn’t matter to them, until they all are fine.

So do you have fat cats at home? Looking for some good cat furniture for fat cats? Well, you have come to the right page! We shall guide you through the best furniture for your fat boys.

These creatures are no more just pets, they are one among the family and they deserve the respect, love and privacy too. When you have more than two, opting for furniture’s that suit all of them is the best idea rather than buying each one a piece.

Cat trees are the new trendy cat homes for those fat boys. We shall tell you why and which are the best!

Cat trees are the most beautiful gift that you can give your pets. Along with a home fitting all they are providing fun to the active boys, form a part of daily workouts, fulfil their urge in climbing, jumping up and down. Most importantly they bring in a sense of safety for the fat boys.

Safety nest

The trees form a safety place for the timid guy, who is scared of new comers or anything else. Rather than hiding under a sofa or a chair, he can safely land in his nest, which is higher from the ground providing him a clear view of everyone. It also helps them to come out of fear sooner.

Multi cats place:

You need not have to find place to put the cats, while keeping all together. This tree structure will surely bring in more good habits in your pets like sharing. And they also help your cats to fulfil their scratching needs.

Peace maker

This tree will surely help you maintain peace among the cats. While one is playing around the other one can sit quiet in his ‘home’ without being disturbed. While any fights, the older ones or the younger ones can be taught to reach his place without physically fighting.

In addition to all these, these trees prove to be a fun exercise for cats that are always active. They also provide that couch, soft and closed environment for fat boys!