Products That Make Your House A Home

Once you buy or rent a house, the major focus has to be on converting it into a home, “your home”. This is where each of our personal preferences, style, and ideas come to life. We get to decorate our house the way we want and personalize it to our style and taste.

Shop Online

There are many portals selling household items online. Many stores have websites and online shopping options too. When you shop online, you get to save a lot of time and compare many stores sitting at home or on your way to work. Since you don’t have to physically go to each of these stores, you can browse more in detail.

Also, online stores have various offers. One can make use of these on a regular basis. You can get reward points based on your shopping and redeem them to get a discount on your next purchase, you can avail limited period offers, etc.

Here are some expert home product reviews you can read through before you shop online. They will help you get a better idea of both the products and online shopping.

What To Buy


Here are some products you can buy for your house a home:

Decorative Lamps/ Items – decorative items are something that gets a person’s attention when they walk into your house. You can get many different items and place them around your house to create a theme or show your style.

Lights – Though these are essential, there are many options to choose from. Choose from modern, eclectic or even contemporary to give your house a homely look and set your trend. An identical house can look very different if they have different light fixtures than yours.

Furniture – Another essential item that can make the biggest difference to your home. Many people change furniture when they want their house to look revived and new. Choose unique side tables, chairs, etc and give your home a fresh look.

Facts Everyone Should Know About Dieting from Home

Planning to start a new diet? Want to do it yourself right from home? It is a great start; however, one should know the following before they can start dieting from home:

Each Person Is Different

Just like there are different diets, there are different needs too. Each human body is different and has a different way to process the food given to it. You can find pots similar to this article in

Here are some facts you should know if you are dieting at home:


It is easy to get distracted and lose focus on your diet. Especially if you are in a house filled with kids or young adults who eat everything unhealthy and rich in fat content. This is the age they can process anything and everything they eat and you can’t devoid them of these foods. Hence they will have to be stocked at home but you should exercise self-control.

It Is Ok

It is OK to slip up sometimes. All of us are human and we have our fair share of good and bad days. On a bad or a tiring day, it is ok to let go of your diet and eat something comforting or accessible. This does not mean your diet is ruined or you need to set aside the diet plan completely. It is just a minor deviation that can be corrected the very next day.

Treat Yourself

Give yourself a treat or two once in a while when you stick to your diet. This will ensure you don’t crave for things and end up binging on them. Also, when you know you can have a certain item, your body will stop looking at it as a forbidden fruit and will accept it is not the right choice for you. This is a healthy approach to an effective diet.

How To Do Diet Without Leaving Your House

Dieting not only means skipping meals or not eating fatty products and chocolates. There are other different ways of dieting. This includes following a healthy diet such as a fruit diet, liquid diet, no sodium diet, vegan diet and much more. Thus, in order to diet, you do not have to step out of your house. Here are a few simple ways by which you can diet from the comforts of your home.

  1. Switch your unhealthy junk snack products to healthier options such as protein shakes, energy bars, and nutritional biscuits. If you are interested to buy some of these healthy snacks then check the Jane Seymour website. They have an interesting and assorted collection of healthy
  2. Take up a low sodium diet. Diets that are high in sodium increase an individual’s blood pressure. Increased blood pressure increases the chances of heart failure, stroke, osteoporosis, cancer of the stomach and kidney diseases.
  3. Go on a protein-rich Having more proteins will cause a feeling of fullness, reduces hunger and limits the number of calorie intake.
  4. Practice drinking a glass of water before every meal such that your hunger subsides a little. In this way, you will eat less and will not mistake dehydration for hunger.
  5. Remember to chew your food. Never swallow your food. Chewing your food helps you to eat slowly, reduces the amount of food you eat and results in a fuller stomach soon.
  6. Try practicing yoga at home. Yoga is suitable for age groups. For beginners, you can join an online yoga class and get trained with the basics and practice by yourself from there.
  7. Practice some very basic breathing exercises at home, especially some abdominal breathing exercises. Breathing exercises are great for reducing tummy fat and for staying relaxed. It also improves concentration and focus.

My Experience With Home Gymnastics Equipment


I used to love gymnastics when I was in school and it helped that I was very good at it. Even though I won a lot of prestigious competitions, one thing is still not clear to me and that is why I did not opt for it as a career. I kept myself amused with this thought forever. I even asked my parents who were of the opinion that I was also quite academic oriented and those days I was keen on becoming an attorney. And maybe that is why it never struck me that I could have made a career out of gymnastics as well.

So, time passed!

Indeed, I am an attorney today and specialized one. Work commitment can hardly leave any personal time and space for me and so, a couple of years ago, after my first baby was born, I decided to limit my working hours to be able to spend quality time with the kid and to be able to practice gymnastics so that I get back on the fitness mode as well. Long hours at work can screw up your routine and take you few steps closer to lifestyle degenerating diseases.

So, here is what I got:

I started reading up a lot about setting up equipments at home and the safety rules that one must practice when doing it all by yourself at home. I got immense amount of resources from this wonderful portal called I had to make sure that the equipments that I zeroed in on were not too big and space hogging because of constraints. Thankfully, the ceiling in my home is very elevated and that helped me in installing pull up bars and vertical beams. Also, I bought floor mats and centre beam table. That almost gave my home gym a complete look.

There is only certain basic gymnastic exercise that you are allowed to do at home and when alone. So, you must take care to only do them at your level of comfort. Never ever try to rush it or over do. You can end up with fatal accidents also.

Gadgets to keep kids safe at home

Whether your child is a toddler or going to kindergarten, middle school or even University, it is natural for you as a parent to worry about its safety constantly. Though we cannot be with them all the times, advanced technology has ensured that we can atleast monitor them and keep track of their whereabouts and safety. Here is a list of a few smart gadgets that are designed to keep your kids safe at home even when they are all alone.

  1. ALRT: It is a wearable tracker that can be used by children to send urgent texts, local information and make calls to three contacts preprogrammed into the device. Parents need to download an app to stay connected 24×7. The best part is it detects falls too.
  2. LG Smart Security Solution: This is a complete package with a camera, motion tracker, microphone, and speaker rolled into one device. The setup is fairly straightforward and simple. You can watch live feed once you download the app on your smartphone.
  3. Nest Protect: This smart device is easy to setup and install. It is a best-recommended device to prevent smoke, fire, and carbon monoxide accidents in the home. Once the device detects any of the above it will immediately send an alert to your phone. You can, in fact, have a family plan whereby all members of the plan will get the notification.

While using these devices will take a load off your mind and will ensure that when your kids are alone at home they stay safe, there are a few areas that you can take care of immediately to prevent any untoward incident. The maximum number of accidents happen to toddlers, especially in the kitchen and living area. With the increase of glass in homes, it becomes crucial that you replace all your windows and doors to laminated and toughened glass like BS6206 to withstand impact. I had applied shatter resistant film to all the glass doors and mirrors in my house; in fact, this mirror saved my child from an accident in the kitchen when it bumped against it while playing with our pet.

What you should know before you move home for the first time

Living at home and living with your family is one of the best things in life. You get all of your commodities taken care of and you live a very comfortable life. However, there comes a time when you have to leave the nest and experience moving for the first time. If that is the case, then you need to know some of the key points of moving! 

  • It is important to organize. Make a moving plan. What do you need to bring to your new place? How much time can you spend packing before the moving day? How many boxes will you fill? This will make your relocation extremely smooth and you will know exactly what to do every step of the way.
  • Get help. Ask your family to help you pack and guide you through the process. Never underestimate learning form more experienced people. Another big tip is to get a mover. I used this moving company from Chicago and it made all the difference. I was able to load the items I wanted to a van and it was transported to my new apartment hassle free. It will make sure you have a pleasant first timer experience.
  • A good advice is to label everything! Label all the boxes and packages. The label should include the name of the items( e.g. clothes, winter jackets, desk lamps, etc.) and where are they going to/which room is it for (e.g. for study, for bedroom closet, for kitchen pantry, etc.).
  • Research the new area thoroughly. Make sure you know what kind of neighbourhood, how long will your commute be from now on etc. It also a good idea to take picture of the new flat layout so that it is easy to get the furniture and other items that will fit there perfectly. 

The Best Quality Surveillance Cameras On The Market

Safety of your family and security of your home is a priority these days. Whether you need to install a surveillance system in your existing home or in the new place you are shifting to make sure you do it as soon as possible to ensure that your family and home remains under your scrutiny and is protected at all times.

How to choose the best quality surveillance cameras

Surveillance cameras come in many models and types and are always getting upgraded too. Most of them are very versatile and have endless features which really makes it hard to pick one that would suit your purpose. These are a few parameters that you need to look for to find the ideal surveillance camera or cameras that will help to protect your home and family.

  • Motion Detection

This feature in cameras is very important as they are programmed to notify you whenever some motion is detected within its range. These notifications are very useful to alert you tostrange or suspicious movements in the vicinity of your home so that you can take charge and monitor the area for further developments if any.

  • Wi-Fi Compatibility

If your cameras have a wi-fi feature then it makes it much easier to get the data much more easily. As these types of cameras are wireless, even installation is much easier. Damage to wires is also not something you need to worry about as these cameras can be camouflaged well away from the sight of unknowing intruders.

  • Night visibility

Most crimes, burglaries, and thefts take place when it is dark. The distance from which a camera is able to record images in low or dark conditions is another important factor to consider while selecting the best surveillance camera. To be effective the camera should be able to work even during dark.

Contemporary Window Design Review

For both landlords as well as residents, upgrading window design could prove to be beneficial. This is because it is cost-effective in preserving your property because using the latest technology would mean extending the life of your windows.

What does an upgrade mean as far as windows are concerned?

An upgrade quite literally means an improvement over existing things. Similarly, when it comes to windows, upgrading to a commercial window design means not taking out the entire window but replacing the old components with new. Due to lack of maintenance, exposure to the natural elements and a good deal of misuse, it is possible that your windows have lost their edge but by following a few simple steps, you can totally change the way they make your rooms look.

For those who live in vulnerable areas, it is a practical option to upgrade your windows to uPVC double glaze. It is also possible to upgrade a few components of the UPVC frame instead of replacing the whole thing.

What are the benefits of upgrading to a contemporary design window?

There are four basic benefits of upgrading to a contemporary design window and they are:

  1. Window upgrades mean saving a good deal of money on thermal bills that eventually means more energy efficiency.
  2. If you upgrade the hardware, you are basically bringing down your maintenance bills and your future repairing expenses might also go down.
  3. Better ventilation means a better environment inside your house. It is not only about energy efficiency but also about better solar control, better penetration of heat and enhanced sound-proofing. This leads to lesser damp build-up in your house.
  4. Most old-fashioned PVC windows tend to be glazed from the outside. This has the potential t become a security issue later like a burglar attack, theft etc. Adding yet another layer of security could keep intruders at bay.

5 Best Pole Saw Reviews

                                                5 Best Pole Saw Reviews     

Do you have a lawn with lot of trees and shrubs? Well, in that case you cannot ignore pruning of these trees.If you have the suitable tools for pruning then it can be a good way to spend some time in the yard.

There are varieties of pole saws available in the market which can make you absolutely confused regarding which one to buy. Some of the electric pole saws are so efficient that they can very easily cut branches which are too thick or too tough for hand pruners.

Here are the top 5 pole saw reviews which can help you in deciding the right model for your purpose:

  • First one is Poulan 8Amp which has a great cutting and blade mechanism and this model absolutely stands up to the quality standards which is expected from a good quality pole saw.Pruning of the branches can be done up to eight inches with this type of pole saw.This model might not reach too high but still it has gained popularity for its ease of use and power.
  • Remington 8 Amp pole saw can do cutting up to 15 feet when it is extended fully.Its inner pole is made of aluminum which is responsible for its rigidity.
  • Earthwise 6 Amp telescopic pole lets you select the height for working as per your convenience.In terms of flexing, it has lesser issues than other models of pole saws.
  • Jawsaw is also used for pruning although it is not considered as a conventional pole saw. The best thing about this model is that it is quite safe to use. Thus, you will not be injured at all with this model.
  • If you are a professional then you can go for the two cordless pole saw model which are again very popular.



When your friends love coming over to your house and don’t like leaving you know you have done a good job at making your house feel comfortable. But a house does not become homely naturally. There are many additions and accessories that make a house a home. No one likes to stay in a house that feels cold and unwelcoming. The addition of a few adornments and accessories are all that is needed to make your home feel inviting.

Check out the pointers below to find simple ways in which you can make your house more homely

Splurge on some attractive greens:

A living room with a splash of greens preferably from natural plants is a great way to make the rooms feel good. You can experiment with various types of plants in attractive pots that fill up a corner and add to the appeal of the house.

Have a cosy looking rug:

A rug may not be the more prominent part of your home décor but it never fails to give your home a warm and comfortable look. Opt for rugs that are not too loud or garish in colours but definitely have a soft feel to it.

Add pillows! Lots of them

Pillows and cushions make the furniture appear welcoming and cosy. Even if your furniture is comfortable as it is, people often like to have additional support or something to hold onto while sitting.

Add things of personal value:

Whether you add a frame of your wedding day, or the day your little one was born or a kaleidoscope of many other special moments. It adds the personal touch to the room and it can also be a great conversation starter!

Avoid empty negative spaces

Empty spaces often add negativity to the place, you can add a lamp or a side table or other inviting accessories to fill up empty spaces.

Make use of inviting color schemes:

The choice of colors is completely yours but the scheme should be such that the combinations do not appear revolting. The things in the house must blend with each other rather than stand out like a sore spot.

Finally it is the people of the house that make the guest feel comfortable. But these small tricks will always work for you.

Tips To Attract Customers To Your Cleaning Services

No matter how much you invest in setting up a cleaning business, nothing will work unless you have a large number of customers who want to avail your services. If your services can be availed at a reasonable price but at the same time it is reliable and of high quality then it will not be a difficult task to find clients who would want to hire you.

Here are some tips that can help you to grab attention of maximum potential customers.

  • You need to come up with a marketing plan that will increase your visibility in the market. Basically, your customers need to be aware of your existence, only then they will seek your services. Arrange business cards, flyers, postcards etc. with the description of your business and contact details. Try to do advertisement of your services with the help of online ads or local newspaper. Even radio advertisements can be of great help.
  • Take help of yellow pages and other phone books and community directories for listing yourself since a lot of people look for resources in such places.
  • Do not hesitate to ask for referrals from your clients who are satisfied with your services. You can always request them to recommend about your services to their friends. Even you can tell your friends and family to spread the word about your cleaning business to their contacts.
  • As a promotional strategy, you can even give Clover, Evans, Prochem and more for free with each service just for promoting your business at the initial phase. Always remember the best way to make a customer happy is by offering great coupons and discounts. For anyone who is availing your services for the first time can be offered some tempting discounts.
  • Lastly, utilize social media platforms to get connected to the potential customers.

Net Versus Wings


Birds are beautiful creatures, colorful wings, beaks, and body. Perfect for living and staying in forests and gardens. But they can also create a mess at times. Especially pigeons have a tendency to nest in buildings and houses. Some other birds like sparrows, Starlings Gulls etc.too can cause harm to our roofs balconies etc. Their droppings and feathers look very untidy and can cause

Nuisance.  They can also carry a lot of diseases. People with allergies can have serious breathing problems. These birds also invite house flies, fleas, bird mites and other small insects. Death or birds harmed could lead to litigation.

Many a pest control company provide services to deter these birds and advise us on methods to ward them off our homes. There are quite a few Bird Netting solutions in Glasgow who can help control this invasion of these winged visitors. Netting is the most effective procedure among other methods of control. It can be done in

  • Windows
  • Roofs
  • Balconies
  • Well areas
  • And front of buildings

Safety Precautions

These nets do not harm birds, they just prevent entry. The nets can be made of steel or polythene. Polythene is best suited as it can stand UV rays and has better durability. It comes in various widths, some have very small gaps as compared to some larger ones. The quality of these nets are good and they are fitted by highly trained personnel. There are some expensive nets available too in the market which can be bought as per budget.The netting size should be according to the kind of birds you want to deter. The netting does not in any way affect the beauty of the buildings or home. Netting should be done with the most qualified technicians as some rooftops or high-rise need expert hand which needs experts to handle. Bird netting of Glasgow has the best equipment’s required for this job to give you ample protection.


Whether you live on a farm, in a village, or in a city, birds are almost everywhere. While they are pretty to look at and sound sweet, very often they can be potentially troublesome as well. Birds in a field or a fruit patch are a big nuisance as they can potentially ruin a complete batch of fruit or vegetable that is left unattended even for a while. Similarly they are known to attack fields of grains. Even in the city, birds can unknowingly fly into any random open window or balcony and create havoc in that area.

As much as you try to shoo them away, sometimes birds just decide to keep flying in every now and then. A simple solution to this problem is bird netting. But again trusting just any bird netting service is not advisable. Opt for a trustworthy service like the bird netting Glasgow.

They have some great bird netting solutions that are optimum for all kinds of birds including pigeons, starlings, sparrows etc. Their products can be easily used in places like balconies, lobbies that are open, buildings, monuments, roof tops of houses, garages, court yards, fruit fields and vegetable gardens. Or any other place where you have experienced troubles by birds entering and causing nuisance. Bird netting proves to be a simple, easy and safe method to protect your are without causing any harm to the birds.

When looking for bird netting solutions, always look for following features:

  • Nets that are anti-rust and anti-corrosive
  • Ultraviolet stabilized nets are an additional advantage.
  • Nets that are not too difficult to fix and remove
  • The ones that have a long life
  • And those that require low maintenance.

Such nets are a great option and that have many advantages like:

  • The nets do not block the day light from entering
  • One does not need to clean them regularly nor does it require much maintenance
  • They look nice and do not feel too obstructive
  • The can be removed and fixed easily.
  • The birds can be kept away without causing them any harm.

Investing In Good Fabrics Is Always A Good Decision

When decorating your home, there are numerous things on your mind. These things often get confusing especially if you like doing things on your own. One feature that is especially important is choosing the right fabrics.

Fabrics often decide the overall look and feel of the home. A good quality fabric will appear rich, last long and is not a task in terms of maintenance.

This is true with regards to choosing the fabric for the upholstery in the house, or curtains etc. While your sofas and chairs can still have other options in terms of material, curtains almost always have to be of cloth.

Let us check some points to remember while selecting the curtains for your house.


There are options like linen, silk, faux silk, velvet to thicker options like tweed, or suede as well. Of them all faux silk by far is one of the most practical fabrics for curtains. It is a specially designed fabric to make your home look lovely and the quality of the fabric lasts long. Also it does not undergo as much deterioration when compared with silk curtains.

Choosing the right fabric depends on how well lit your room is, whether you want it to keep the heat intact or how the fabric behaves when folded or open.


Sun exposure makes fabrics fade, so choose a light colored fabric if your room gets a lot of light. Also bright colored curtains tend to make the room appear small.

Machine wash or only dry clean?

This is also an important decision, as maintaining these fabrics always need to be practical. Maintenance requires time, effort and money. There are some fabrics that appear dainty but are tough to maintain which invariably takes a toll on how long they last. Also, one could possibly run a ‘dry clean’ fabric by trying to wash it at home.

A Little About The Subtle Carpets

All of us know about carpets and the different types of materials they are made from. And we also know the different reasons for why people use them at their houses. But little do we know about their making process. Let`s have a look at this untold story and bring to light the hard and strenuous hands working behind these beauties.

  • Carpets are generally made in two ways; one is through weaving process while the other, tufting process. Weaving carpets is similar to weaving clothing and the loom that is used for this purpose is very special and unique and is very similar to that of weaving fabric. While tufting is nothing but pulling fibers backing a material. Both are very popular methods of carpet making but the most preferred and the best among these two is the woven carpets for they are strong, sturdy and long lasting.
  • Carpets that adorned the floors of the royal palaces and museums of today are all made of wool or silk and it is this material that gives them the rich and royal look. Their looks and beauty are matchless. They are made using wool and silk that are knotted and a carpet of this kind is believed to have more than 2400 knots that are beaten down.
  • The carpets that are used for the wall in the present times are mostly made of synthetic materials like polyester, nylon etc…
  • Apart from these we also have carpets that are made using loops or hooks. They are produced when a looper or a hook holds the yarn as if it is stitched from the back of the carpet.

One important point, irrespective of the type of the carpet is the cleaning that has to be done regularly to maintain their looks. The special carpet cleaner is my favorite carpet cleaner in Vegas.

The Right Fabric Can Actually Life Up Your Furniture

When you get new furniture for your home, there are many things that are taken into account. How good is the quality of wood, how many people can a sofa seat? What are the arm rests like, is there enough support for feet and much more. Along with that there are also many other factors that are taken into consideration, those being the color of the upholstery and the fabric used to make it.

The color of the upholstery does play an important role in how the furniture appears overall. But the fabric will usually decide how well the upholstery lasts. Of course one has to take into consideration factors like if there are kids in the house or if pets use the furniture to sit around. Other factors that play a role are, how much does the furniture in the room get used, and if the use is rough or delicate.

Choosing the right fabric:

While choosing fabrics for upholstery, one must bear one thing in mind and that is the quality. One must never compromise on the quality of the fabrics for a few bucks. As poor quality will obviously not last long, and you will end up having to change the entire upholstery sooner than you planned.

The fabrics need not be the most expensive or the prettiest but the quality must never be compromised.

Opting for professionally handmade fabrics is one of the best options you have. The quality of these fabrics can be dependable. Also handmade fabrics are always soft and comfortable and will surely last long. Looks wise also, a handmade fabric will always remain in vogue, so it still looks attractive even a few years down the line.

The colors of your fabric again are an important selection. But one must avoid light colours and delicate designs in homes that have kids. Also avoiding dark bold colors in a smaller room is a good idea as they make the space appear smaller.

Sash Windows For Better And Functional Windows

Many people still keep on wondering and asking why sash windows are better windows as compared to other windows. They are not aware of how good these windows look and the great aesthetic value they have. To get the best choice and a detailed idea about the working and mechanism of sash windows and other varieties in this category browsing through the London Box Sash Windowswebsite would be a wonderful idea.

Sash windows are now integral parts of most London homes as well as in other parts of the United Kingdom as well. They are now the most popular choice in windows and people are just loving the perfect combination of modern technology and traditional looks that these classic windows give their homes. Sash windows are extremely dependable and reliable and there is nothing that can normally go wrong with them.

Traditional Sash Windows

Sash windows are both elegant and practical. The distinct and smooth vertical sliding system and their traditional look are a perfect choice for an authentic British home. Sash windows are usually made with genuine hardwood and are an extraordinary blend of classic style and excellence in engineering. Sash windows are an ideal choice for those looking forward to a durable as well as apractical solution that will make their homes more comfortable and stylish too.

Made from the finest quality wood, the windows truly make windows appear vintage as well as superb. With the application of the latest locking systems, they also provide complete and thorough security to your homes as well. When you have installed the latest varieties of sash windows you can have a good night’s sleep with peace and tranquillity and also without the fear of someone breaking in.

To get the best of both the traditional and modern worlds for the windows of your homes, there is nothing better and more practical than sash windows.

Coffee Grinders For Your Special Flavors

The first thing that wakes all of us up fresh from the bed is the aroma of the coffee. It energizes us, gives us the boost and freshness for the rest of the day. A day that starts with this magic drink is definitely a special one and that too when it is prepared from the freshly ground coffee beans. There is something special about this drink that brings a beautiful smile and refreshment in everybody`s face; this is matchless. Gone are those days when you had to visit a coffee shop for the different flavors of the different coffee beans, for now, we have the simple, home use coffee grinders that can do this job of offering the different flavors and tastes fresh.

In order to enjoy this tang of freshly ground coffee, you need to have a coffee grinder at home. The taste of this freshly ground coffee is even better and exciting when you make and prepare it at home. This is done by grinding the coffee beans and immediately using it after brewing for the best-flavored coffee. This is irrespective of the flavor of the coffee bean being ground.

There is a reason to support the fact that coffee should be had just after brewing. Research and studies say that coffee, just after it is ground, undergoes a process called staling which is when the flavor changes. Here the beans start oxidizing. So experts opine that the sooner you brew your coffee just after it is ground, the better and great would be the taste. For this purpose you need a good coffee grinder. There are a lot of varieties of coffee grinders available in the market and getting the best one home would give you the best brew making your day the best. I bought my coffee grinder here, from this online shopping website and I am happy to have got it here.

Safety Tips Before Using A Chainsaw

So you are now a proud owner of a powered chainsaw? While purchasing a chainsaw one must ensure proper research is done beforehand. There are many options in chainsaws; you must go through all the choices. Check out all the Best Chainsaw For The Money 2017 – Sawinery and choose the one that is best for you.

While owning a chainsaw opens up many avenues of working in the tree surgery arena, there are many other things to bear in mind. Firstly, one must never forget that a chainsaw can cut trees very well, and so can be potentially dangerous if proper safety measures are not taken.

While felling a tree, you must first check the condition and maintenance of the chainsaw. The chain needs to be adjusted to be tight enough, the air filters need to be cleaned. You also must check if the saw is sharp enough.


Each time you use a chainsaw, no matter how good you are, never miss any of the following precautionary measures.

  • Always keep your head protected, you could use a hard hat or even a helmet
  • The eyes must be covered with protective glasses and ears must be covered too.
  • Always wear working gloves while using the chainsaw.
  • Never ever wear slippers or slippery footwear. Ensure your shoes are well covered.
  • Most of the chainsaw injuries happen on the thighs, and so always wear chaps while working.
  • While carrying the chainsaw to the tree and back, take care to keep the chainsaw in ‘off’ mode.
  • Even if you are a pro at using the chainsaw, never work alone, always have someone around who can help in case of an emergency
  • Never work too closely with other people.
  • You must always carry your mobile phone and emergency contact details along.

Take care of the direction in which the tree would fall after cutting, make sure there is no settlement or person in the vicinity.

While cutting a tree, always check the local authorities, land owner and other people concerned before you start cutting.