A Little About The Subtle Carpets

All of us know about carpets and the different types of materials they are made from. And we also know the different reasons for why people use them at their houses. But little do we know about their making process. Let`s have a look at this untold story and bring to light the hard and strenuous hands working behind these beauties.

  • Carpets are generally made in two ways; one is through weaving process while the other, tufting process. Weaving carpets is similar to weaving clothing and the loom that is used for this purpose is very special and unique and is very similar to that of weaving fabric. While tufting is nothing but pulling fibers backing a material. Both are very popular methods of carpet making but the most preferred and the best among these two is the woven carpets for they are strong, sturdy and long lasting.
  • Carpets that adorned the floors of the royal palaces and museums of today are all made of wool or silk and it is this material that gives them the rich and royal look. Their looks and beauty are matchless. They are made using wool and silk that are knotted and a carpet of this kind is believed to have more than 2400 knots that are beaten down.
  • The carpets that are used for the wall in the present times are mostly made of synthetic materials like polyester, nylon etc…
  • Apart from these we also have carpets that are made using loops or hooks. They are produced when a looper or a hook holds the yarn as if it is stitched from the back of the carpet.

One important point, irrespective of the type of the carpet is the cleaning that has to be done regularly to maintain their looks. The special carpet cleaner is my favorite carpet cleaner in Vegas.