Prevention Of Drug Abuse Begins At Home

There are various stages in a kid’s life, they start as toddlers and then become kids to teenagers to young adults to adults. It is said that the parent also grows with the child, more from an understanding perspective.

As a child grows the behavior towards the parent also changes, as kids they may think that their mommy or daddy is the best and think they are super humans and try to ape them. However, as they grow into teenage this perspective changes. They feel that they are not able to be independent and depending on the atmosphere at home, their relationship with parents changes dramatically.

In case of single parents or money minded parents who do not spend quality time with the kids and leave them for themselves, the kids may go on the wrong path and indulge in drugs and may even become addicts.

Below are some of the points to try and prevent your kids from getting exposed to drugs. The below is more a common-sense approach and if you are serious or suspicious of your child then it is better to seek professional help.

  • Show them you care, be available to them whenever they need you.
  • Do not let them wander off mentally in case of failures, either at studies or in love.
  • Keep a tab on their friends and be friends with their parents, this would help in having a proper support system for all kids and one can exchange any information.
  • Do not be strict but make them understand your point of view.
  • From the beginning ensure that you respect honesty, discipline, and openness.
  • Have family dinners and encourage free speech with the house.

Now if the situation has already gone bad and you are trying to recover your child from drug abuse then it may be better if you buy a testing kit yourself which can be kept at home and monitored.

However do not force anything on your son or daughter, use professional help always and the saliva testing kit can be used just as a discipline mechanism and not as a mental brickbat.