Kids Can Clean Too

Kids Can Clean Too

Cleaning is a habit that can cultivated from a very young age. There is no rule that only adults should clean the house or it is the duty of the parents. Kids can even pitch in. After all, they are the major contributors to the dirt and germs and learning the art of cleaning can come very handy as they grow and become independent enough to live on their own.

Arguments For

Here are some of the arguments for involving a child in cleaning the house

  • It makes them more responsible as they are made to realize, cleaning the house and keeping it clean is not an easy task
  • They realize the importance of cleanliness and hygiene from a very young age. This will make them responsible adults and citizens as they will not litter or dirty public places.
  • This will introduce self discipline and will not require strict parenting or conditioning as they grow older. Sometimes kids find it very difficult to adhere to all the rules that are imposed on them as they grow up. This can reduce one of the rules and make it easier for them
  • There are many safe to use mops for kids, which makes it easier for kids to mop too. They need not carry anything too big or heavy for their age. These kids’ friendly mops are designed to inculcate this habit at an early age.

Arguments Against

Like in any situation, there are some arguments against this practice too.

  • Kids are young and are meant to be carefree. They are meant to mess up a place without having to worry about consequences.
  • Once they grow, they will be made to and expected to clean up after themselves. They can take it easy and be looked after only when they are kids
  • When stuffed with too many responsibilities, kids are perceived to lose their childhood and carefree nature