When your friends love coming over to your house and don’t like leaving you know you have done a good job at making your house feel comfortable. But a house does not become homely naturally. There are many additions and accessories that make a house a home. No one likes to stay in a house that feels cold and unwelcoming. The addition of a few adornments and accessories are all that is needed to make your home feel inviting.

Check out the pointers below to find simple ways in which you can make your house more homely

Splurge on some attractive greens:

A living room with a splash of greens preferably from natural plants is a great way to make the rooms feel good. You can experiment with various types of plants in attractive pots that fill up a corner and add to the appeal of the house.

Have a cosy looking rug:

A rug may not be the more prominent part of your home décor but it never fails to give your home a warm and comfortable look. Opt for rugs that are not too loud or garish in colours but definitely have a soft feel to it.

Add pillows! Lots of them

Pillows and cushions make the furniture appear welcoming and cosy. Even if your furniture is comfortable as it is, people often like to have additional support or something to hold onto while sitting.

Add things of personal value:

Whether you add a frame of your wedding day, or the day your little one was born or a kaleidoscope of many other special moments. It adds the personal touch to the room and it can also be a great conversation starter!

Avoid empty negative spaces

Empty spaces often add negativity to the place, you can add a lamp or a side table or other inviting accessories to fill up empty spaces.

Make use of inviting color schemes:

The choice of colors is completely yours but the scheme should be such that the combinations do not appear revolting. The things in the house must blend with each other rather than stand out like a sore spot.

Finally it is the people of the house that make the guest feel comfortable. But these small tricks will always work for you.