Gadgets to keep kids safe at home

Whether your child is a toddler or going to kindergarten, middle school or even University, it is natural for you as a parent to worry about its safety constantly. Though we cannot be with them all the times, advanced technology has ensured that we can atleast monitor them and keep track of their whereabouts and safety. Here is a list of a few smart gadgets that are designed to keep your kids safe at home even when they are all alone.

  1. ALRT: It is a wearable tracker that can be used by children to send urgent texts, local information and make calls to three contacts preprogrammed into the device. Parents need to download an app to stay connected 24×7. The best part is it detects falls too.
  2. LG Smart Security Solution: This is a complete package with a camera, motion tracker, microphone, and speaker rolled into one device. The setup is fairly straightforward and simple. You can watch live feed once you download the app on your smartphone.
  3. Nest Protect: This smart device is easy to setup and install. It is a best-recommended device to prevent smoke, fire, and carbon monoxide accidents in the home. Once the device detects any of the above it will immediately send an alert to your phone. You can, in fact, have a family plan whereby all members of the plan will get the notification.

While using these devices will take a load off your mind and will ensure that when your kids are alone at home they stay safe, there are a few areas that you can take care of immediately to prevent any untoward incident. The maximum number of accidents happen to toddlers, especially in the kitchen and living area. With the increase of glass in homes, it becomes crucial that you replace all your windows and doors to laminated and toughened glass like BS6206 to withstand impact. I had applied shatter resistant film to all the glass doors and mirrors in my house; in fact, this mirror saved my child from an accident in the kitchen when it bumped against it while playing with our pet.