Investing In Good Fabrics Is Always A Good Decision

When decorating your home, there are numerous things on your mind. These things often get confusing especially if you like doing things on your own. One feature that is especially important is choosing the right fabrics.

Fabrics often decide the overall look and feel of the home. A good quality fabric will appear rich, last long and is not a task in terms of maintenance.

This is true with regards to choosing the fabric for the upholstery in the house, or curtains etc. While your sofas and chairs can still have other options in terms of material, curtains almost always have to be of cloth.

Let us check some points to remember while selecting the curtains for your house.


There are options like linen, silk, faux silk, velvet to thicker options like tweed, or suede as well. Of them all faux silk by far is one of the most practical fabrics for curtains. It is a specially designed fabric to make your home look lovely and the quality of the fabric lasts long. Also it does not undergo as much deterioration when compared with silk curtains.

Choosing the right fabric depends on how well lit your room is, whether you want it to keep the heat intact or how the fabric behaves when folded or open.


Sun exposure makes fabrics fade, so choose a light colored fabric if your room gets a lot of light. Also bright colored curtains tend to make the room appear small.

Machine wash or only dry clean?

This is also an important decision, as maintaining these fabrics always need to be practical. Maintenance requires time, effort and money. There are some fabrics that appear dainty but are tough to maintain which invariably takes a toll on how long they last. Also, one could possibly run a ‘dry clean’ fabric by trying to wash it at home.