My Experience With Home Gymnastics Equipment


I used to love gymnastics when I was in school and it helped that I was very good at it. Even though I won a lot of prestigious competitions, one thing is still not clear to me and that is why I did not opt for it as a career. I kept myself amused with this thought forever. I even asked my parents who were of the opinion that I was also quite academic oriented and those days I was keen on becoming an attorney. And maybe that is why it never struck me that I could have made a career out of gymnastics as well.

So, time passed!

Indeed, I am an attorney today and specialized one. Work commitment can hardly leave any personal time and space for me and so, a couple of years ago, after my first baby was born, I decided to limit my working hours to be able to spend quality time with the kid and to be able to practice gymnastics so that I get back on the fitness mode as well. Long hours at work can screw up your routine and take you few steps closer to lifestyle degenerating diseases.

So, here is what I got:

I started reading up a lot about setting up equipments at home and the safety rules that one must practice when doing it all by yourself at home. I got immense amount of resources from this wonderful portal called I had to make sure that the equipments that I zeroed in on were not too big and space hogging because of constraints. Thankfully, the ceiling in my home is very elevated and that helped me in installing pull up bars and vertical beams. Also, I bought floor mats and centre beam table. That almost gave my home gym a complete look.

There is only certain basic gymnastic exercise that you are allowed to do at home and when alone. So, you must take care to only do them at your level of comfort. Never ever try to rush it or over do. You can end up with fatal accidents also.