Net Versus Wings


Birds are beautiful creatures, colorful wings, beaks, and body. Perfect for living and staying in forests and gardens. But they can also create a mess at times. Especially pigeons have a tendency to nest in buildings and houses. Some other birds like sparrows, Starlings Gulls etc.too can cause harm to our roofs balconies etc. Their droppings and feathers look very untidy and can cause

Nuisance.  They can also carry a lot of diseases. People with allergies can have serious breathing problems. These birds also invite house flies, fleas, bird mites and other small insects. Death or birds harmed could lead to litigation.

Many a pest control company provide services to deter these birds and advise us on methods to ward them off our homes. There are quite a few Bird Netting solutions in Glasgow who can help control this invasion of these winged visitors. Netting is the most effective procedure among other methods of control. It can be done in

  • Windows
  • Roofs
  • Balconies
  • Well areas
  • And front of buildings

Safety Precautions

These nets do not harm birds, they just prevent entry. The nets can be made of steel or polythene. Polythene is best suited as it can stand UV rays and has better durability. It comes in various widths, some have very small gaps as compared to some larger ones. The quality of these nets are good and they are fitted by highly trained personnel. There are some expensive nets available too in the market which can be bought as per budget.The netting size should be according to the kind of birds you want to deter. The netting does not in any way affect the beauty of the buildings or home. Netting should be done with the most qualified technicians as some rooftops or high-rise need expert hand which needs experts to handle. Bird netting of Glasgow has the best equipment’s required for this job to give you ample protection.