Summer Cleaning Tips – Tips for a Clean Comfortable Home

The first few days of summer after the cold dark winters are always refreshing. But after the sun shine comes the sun burn. So how to keep comfortable in summer and enjoy the warmth rather than wilt in the heat?

Here are our top tips to keep your home clean and comfortable in summer:

  • Clean and dust the counters regularly, every day if possible in the summers.
  • Keep a routine to change and clean the bed linen regularly. Ensure that you make the bed after you sleep on it every time. This takes a few minutes, but gives your room a clean, organized look.
  • Keep the blinds/ curtains closed if you find there is too much light and heat to your liking. But do keep the windows open and ensure that there is cross ventilation in the house. This will keep your house smelling fresh and remain odour-free in summer. It is important that you know how to reflect the heat from the sun while letting adequate natural light in. This can happen when you learn to adjust your windows and blinds strategically to control the heat and sunlight coming inside the house.
  • When you change the bed linen and drapes or blinds in summer, which you need to do often, ensure that you pick bright and cheerful colours and patterns to give a breezy look to the house.Keep the bed linen and curtains in your house clean and crisp. It will also give you a restful sleep on summer nights.
  • Summer is the best time to adorn your house with the scents and colourful sights of natural flowers. Flowers around the house can be relaxing and refreshing.
  • Have an established and quick summer kitchen routine, that helps you churn out your family’s favourites without having to spend long hours in the sweltering kitchen heat.
  • If you have an Air Conditioner, clean the air filters regularly and get your cooling appliances checked to make sure that there is a free flow of clean air.

We hope these broad guidelines are useful in keeping your home comfortable in the summer.